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Visa Abuse And Its Sanction
26 September 2010

Handling visa is an ordinary matter and to obtain it is not that difficult for some people but very difficult for other people. But, the most important thing that must be understood is that a visa is not only a stamp or sticker stuck in a passport, but there is legal meaning and consequence as well as immigration regulations behind it that must be known and complied with.


Our experience in handling visa problem for more than 15 years is that the majority of foreigners visiting and living in Indonesia are still lacking of understanding in this regulation properly, thus we often handle quite complicated cases whereas those foreigners get serious problem when they go through the Indonesia’s immigration without them realizing it. Nevertheless the good news is that we can solve their problems well and they can depart from Indonesia without having to get the red stamp, meaning no longer allowed to reenter Indonesia in 2 years.

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