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Customs Regulations
15 September 2010

Prohibited Items :
Weapons, narcotics and pornography are prohibited to bring into Indonesia. Pets are strictly banned to prevent the spread of rabies. Alcohol & Tobacco You are only allowed to bring a maximum of one liter of alcohol, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 100grams of tobacco and a reasonable amount of perfume into Indonesia. Photographic equipment, typewriters, laptop computers and radios are admitted, provided that they are taken out on departure. All these should be declared via a customs declaration form that must be completed before arrival. Currencies, Etc Another subject is the import and export of currencies; one is not allowed to import or export Indonesian currency exceeding Rp. 5 million. I n addition, the export of national treasures is frowned upon - genuine antiques, tortoise shell, crocodile skins and ivory are not to be taken out of Indonesia.

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