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Tips how to complete overstay properly & safely
08 November 2013


For those of you who are currently located in Indonesia and are facing immigration problems (not a criminal matter) like long overstay with substantial fines, and want to immediately resolve the problem of your overstay with the immigration authorities by paying the fine. We offer the following tips that are right and safe to solve your problems and to ensure that the money you spend will overcome the problems completely.  

  1. When you use the services of consultants / visa service agency to resolve the problem of your overstay, then you should ask for the warranty of your consultants that the penalty money you spend should absolutely clear your name 100% in the Indonesian immigration computer records completely, especially in the notes Airport immigration computer notes, in other words if you later go back to Indonesia from any immigration gates throughout Indonesia, your name should completely be clean.
  2. Make sure before you hand over penalty money to the consultant, you should ask for the warranty from them, that you could to get out and back in to Indonesia securely. And most important of it all is that the fines you pay should be able to get you free from getting the RED Stamps inside your passport which means that you can not go back to Indonesia in 2 years. Experience shows that not a few who have paid their fines and overstay can safely leave Indonesia, but still got a RED Stamp on their passport which prevents them from coming back to Indonesia for 2 years.  

Indeed, in reality it is not easy to find and get a good consultant with skills, great team work, extensive experience and also have the honesty, and upholds the values ​​of honesty in his company. Although difficult, usually most people will get good consultant through the recommendation of friends or acquaintances.

The issue of visas and immigration is a very complex, serious problems and should not be considered trivial, because it will have a direct and wide impact on other matters, particularly the impact of rising costs. Troubles of ticket loss, delay in attending an important business meeting, failure to attend an important family moment/friends, increase in the hotel cost of having to wait for visa, over stay because of forgetting to extend the visa, is a little example of the direct impact of visa and immigration issues. Therefore, the choice in using a professional services with good expertise consultant is a smart and wise move to avoid losses, disappointments and rising of unnecessary costs. Our best advice is do not pawn your security & peace cheaply.



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