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Nils Blanckaert
10 September 2012

I want to show my appreciation for mister Raya his visa services. After our first meeting he adviced me the best visa for my situation and he and his staff handled all my visa needs at a professional level.

He is a nice and friendly man and he really listens to your personal situation and will always provide you the best solution for your needs. I never had to worry about anything and I always got everything correctly back like we agreed. Because I was so satisfied with his services he also dealed with the passport issues for my girlfriend and he cleared everything out. It's absolutely worth it to work together with him, because the indonesian administration is very complex and he's an expert and knows how to arrange everything for you.

I will definitely recommend him to others.

Nils Blanckaert
Belgium National

Creative Director Red Phoenix Agency
Freelance Creative at Proletariaat

email : nils.blanckaert@gmail.com


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