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Warm Greetings from ALP Consulting

ALP Consulting is a registered consultant company with its domicile in Jakarta.
It has been in operation since 1996. The company’s official name registered in the government is by the name of PT. ALP Panorama Asia.

Since the beginning of its operation in 1996 ALP has provided consultation service and services in the matter of company establishment handling in Indonesia, both for companies in the form of Foreign Direct Investment / PMA Company, PMDN / Domestic Investment, PT / LLA and the opening OF Representative Office in Indonesia. Besides providing consultation services for the matter of company establishment, at the same time ALP also provides visa and work permit handling services for expatriates / foreign investors who are to live and work in Indonesia.

Both of them the Company Establishment and visa and work permit handling are matters equally important and inseparable. Based on that therefore ALP from the beginning of its operation has provided services for both of them simultaneously.

With experiences more than 15 years in this field, therefore ALP is capable to provides the best suggestions and guidance for those who want to open businesses/companies in Indonesia. ALP has been very experienced in the matter of handling company establishment and the handling of the related business permits. ALP has succeeded in helping many Investors and foreign businessmen in running their businesses in Indonesia in various sectors such as : general trades and services, Exports and Imports, Consultancies, Mining, Telecommunications, Manufactures etc.

With long enough experiences in its field therefore ALP has obtained many superiorities and strengths, among other strengths possessed by ALP are as follows:

  1. Having strong connection and good relationship with various government institutions as the provider of business permits, work permits and visas such as the Labor Ministry, Immigration, BKPM (Investment Coordinating Body/Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal), Ministry of Trade, Duties & Taxes, Communication and Information Ministry/Kementrian Komunikasi & Informasi (KOMINFO), Industrial Ministry, Notary, Taxation Offices etc.
  2. Having extended experiences concerning various rules and procedures related to the affairs of Company Establishment, obtaining business permits, Visa and immigration issues in Indonesia in variously different business sectors.
  3. Capable to solve the process of company establishment, obtaining visas and work permits for expatriates and settling all immigration issues quicker, more efficient with competitive prices.
  4. Capable to provide the needed information by the client quicker. And the information given by ALP is trustworthy and can be made as references by those interested parties toward the right and accurate data and information, this is to avoid mistakes that may result in the arising of the unexpected problems. ALP provides the guarantee for all information and works handled.
  5. ALP has work-team/work partner in Singapore, resulting in visa taking process in Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Singapore becomes very efficient, whereas our clients do not need to stay in Singapore, since the visa taking process over there can be settled at the same day (passport submission before 11 AM and completed at 5 PM) thus our clients need not to spend too much time in Singapore.
  6. In order to make sure the visa taking process In Singapore runs smoothly and according to plan, therefore ALP arranges the whole processes, such as the date certainty of visa telex settlement from Jakarta, departure schedule to Singapore for visa taking in Indonesian Embassy (KBRI), as well as return schedule to Indonesia in order to complete all other staying permit documents handling process series in Indonesia.
  7. ALP is able to help its clients facing hard cases of immigration, such as quite long time overstay (for years), clearance from no-entry permit back to Indonesia resulted from already deported, performing prevention in order not to be deported or difficulties in obtaining visa or permanent residency visa / KITAP.
  8. ALP is able to help its clients facing problems/difficulties in the airport whilst entering Indonesia, such as refusal for entry and or going through interrogations or not too pleasant treatment by the officials triggered by the existence of not too reasonable suspicions.


The ways of how we work are as follows :

  1. For Company Establishment, in the initial stage ALP shall ask for the information from the client concerning the form of business body as well as the type of business activities to be performed in Indonesia and asking for more detailed and clearer explanations concerning the real activities of the business thereof, this is aimed to know whether that type of business shall obtain the business permit or not. for prospective investors obtaining mistaken information shall suffer losses resulted from the business cannot run in Indonesia by reason of failing in obtaining the permits.
  2. For the Applicant of Visa and Work Permits, ALP shall ask from the client concerning the objectives and form of activities to be performed in Indonesia and how long shall they stay as well as in which area those activities to be performed whether the activities shall be performed on land/at sea or on certain island, whether those activities shall be at the location of mining/factories/offices in down town business or only in tourism areas, considering that for every type of different activity there is also different type of visa and permit that must be in possession. Then for those violating the immigration provisions as well as misusing visa shall be incurred with penal sanction in accordance with the Immigration Laws No. 6 year 2011, Chapter XI article 119 with the following content:

    “Every foreigner entering and/or existing in the Territory of Indonesia not having legal and still valid Travelling Documents and Visas as contemplated in Article 8 shall be penalized with the penal of imprisonment at the longest 5 (five) years and fine penal at the most Rp. 500.000.000,00 (five hundred million rupiah)“.

    After ALP knowing clearly the objectives and form of the real activities of the visa applicant, then ALP shall provide its best suggestions and looking for the most suitable visa for those activities. This is meant to avoid the occurrence of things unexpected and dangerous.

    Note :
    ALP can help in recommending / looking for professional labor needed by our clients such as: consultation of tax & Accounting, Sworn Translator, domicile address of the office/virtual office for company establishment, and opening account in Bank. ALP is also able to provide letter of referral for the interest of opening company account in Bank.

Vision & Mission


" To be the Best Consultant as the Services Provider of company establishments, immigrations and visa handlings in Indonesia "


•    To improve the skill and quality of employees
•    To provide excellent service to clients
•    To improve and maintain valued assets of the company


To provide quality service according to service standard and maximum satisfaction of the customers.


Tranquility and client satisfaction is our happiness



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