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Indonesian Immigration & Work Permits

Work Permit & Residence Visa Package Contact ALP


A work permit and residence visa is compulsory for all foreign workers working in Indonesia. If you already have a company that is capable of sponsoring you, then you can arrange a work permit ("IMTA") and residence visa ("KITAS") that will enable you to work legally.
The residence visa and work permit is valid for a period of one year, depending upon the nature of the employment, and can be extended for four times.
This is a complete package, and includes the following documents:

  • RPTKA – Foreign Worker Placement Plan & Work Permit Approval from Ministry of Manpower.
  • Working Visa & Work Permit – KITAS, IMTA, Foreign Workers Report.
  • Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit
  • Other Permits – SKTT, STM, Lapor Keberadaan, etc.
  • "Skills & Development Fund" levy (Compulsory USD 1200 /payable to the Ministry of Manpower).

NPWP (Tax ID Number) is mandatory when you are resident in Indonesia more than 183 days within a calendar year. There is a fee of Rp.700,000 for processing the NPWP if this is required.

Terms: Payment in advance.

Dependents KITAS / MERP Contact ALP

Wives and children of Work Permit holders may apply for a KITAS to enable them to reside legally in Indonesia. This KITAS does not entitle the holder to work in Indonesia. Package includes:

  • Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit
  • Other Permits – SKTT, STM.

Terms: Payment in advance.

Multiple Entry Business Visa - MEBV 212 Contact ALP

A Multiple Entry Business Visa (MEBV) is for business visits to Indonesia, including such things as meetings, training, gatherings, seminars, etc.. The MEBV is not for working.

The Multiple Entry Business Visa is valid for one year, for stays not exceeding 60 days per visit.
This type of visa must be sponsored by a properly constituted Indonesian legal entity (such as an Indonesian company).

Terms: Payment in advance.


Visa-on-Arrival Extension Contact ALP

Visa-on-Arrivals may be extended only 1 time, which is valid for 30 days. Renewal process should start at least 7 days before the visa expires.

Process length : 7 working days.

Payment in advance, Money-back guarantee.

Note :
Applicant of Visa Extension both from VOA or Single entry/Social Visa type 211 at the final stage of the extension process shall be required to come to the immigration office for finger printing and photo taking directly by the officer and shall be required to wear shoes and long trousers for male.

Social-Cultural Visa / Social Budaya Contact ALP

This visa is valid for 2 (two) months; it can be extended 4 (four) times; the total maximum staying is 6 (six) months.


  1. Photocopy of passport, minimum 4 pages and it is still valid for minimum 18 months.
  2. Latest photo;
  3. Documents of sponsor such as: Indonesian Resident ID Card / KTP, Indonesian Family Registry / Kartu Keluarga.
  4. Proof of having savings in Bank.
  5. Phone number of sponsor.

Process length : 6 working days.

The price has not yet included:

  • Cost for visa taking in Indonesian embassy overseas;  USD 55/ SGD 160 In Singapore
  • Cost for picking up/escort at the airport at the time of arrival/departure (if necessary).

Visa Extension.

Social Visa (index  211)

1 Extension  I   (7 working days).
2 Extension  II   (7 working days).
3 Extension  III   (8 working days).
4 Extension  IV   (8 working days).


Retirement Visa Package (Residence Visa) Contact ALP

Do you wish to retire in Indonesia? Retirement visas are now much easier to obtain, however you will need to meet certain criteria. In addition, you may only reside in recognized tourist areas, such as Bali, Batam and certain areas in Java.

If you are at least 55 years old and able to fully support yourself, then you may be allowed to retire in Indonesia. Note that a retirement visa does not entitle you to work or conduct business in Indonesia.

This is a complete package that includes:

  • all immigration procedures, including KITAS (residence visa card)
  • all police reporting
  • all civil registry and local government reporting
  • compulsory liability insurance
  • Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit (MERP)

This visa is valid for 1 year and it may be extended every year with 5 times extensions and maximum length of time 6 years. After staying 3 consecutive years on this kind of visa/ KITAS you are eligible to apply for the Permanent Resident Visa / KITAP.

Terms: Payment in advance. Money-back guarantee.

The price has included:

  • Letters from the Immigration such as: 1 year staying visa, KITAS Card, Multiple Entrance Permit.
  • Letters from the Police Department such as: STMD.
  • Letters from the Ministry of Demography and civil registry such as: SKPPS  (for part of the areas).
  • Guarantee Letter from Sponsor in Indonesia to the immigration party.
  • Consultation fee for 1 year.

The price has not included:

  • Cost for visa taking in Indonesian embassy overseas around USD 110.
  • Cost for immigration clearance services on arrival (if necessary).

The requirements are as follows:

  • Age is already 55 years old.
  • Passport copy around 6 pages and still valid or minimum 18 months.
  • Passport must still has blank pages minimum 4 pages.
  • The latest pass photo with size 2x3cm= 8 , 4x6cm=8 photos, with red color background.
  • Already have residential address in Indonesia.
  • Having pension fund minimum USD 1,500 / month complete with an evidence from the Pension Institution or Bank Savings Account (Deposit) minimum USD 15,000 / Rp. 175,000,000 also with an evidence from the Bank
  • Having Health Insurance with an evidence of the premium coverage from the Insurance Company (Insurer)
  • National ID card of Indonesian Maid /  Driver (Indonesian citizen)
  • Domicile Certificate of head of County /  RT & RW (Should be provided by the applicant) at the time of submitting passport to immigration to make KITAS card.

If the above requirements are not able to be met/provided all of them by the applicant then ALP can help to complete them and shall process the visa in accordance with the schedule already determined.
Among the names of countries having the retirement visa facility are as follows:
Netherland, USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom ,Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Hungary, India, Ireland, Iran, Iceland, South Korea,  Kuwait, Liechtenstein,  Maldives,  Malta, Egypt, Monaco, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Surinam.

Wife - Sponsored KITAS Contact ALP

A residence visa is a requirement for foreign nationals living long-term in Indonesia. If you are a man legally married to an Indonesian woman, you can get a residence permit for a period of one year, and this can be renewed four times. Note that this does not entitle you to work in Indonesia.
Documents to be obtained are:

  • KITAS 1 (one) year validity
  • Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit
  • Other Permits - SKTT and STM

Terms: Payment in advance.

Permanent Residence Visa / KITAP Contact ALP

We have helped many of our clients in obtaining their Permanent Residence Visa / KITAP, some of them have obtained their Indonesian nationalities through us.  For those of you who are interested and having met the requirements, you are welcome to come to our office. If necessary, we can connect you to having communication with our clients, those people who have succeeded in obtaining it.

Concerning the price, it may be discussed in our office…

Citizenship Contact ALP

For foreigners who have been married with Indonesian citizen legally and has lived in Indonesia for 5 consecutive years or 10 years non-consecutively using visa from the type of Limited stay Permit / KITAS then he/she may apply for nationality to the government of Indonesia.

Likewise for foreigners not married to Indonesian citizen but having company in Indonesia with the position as the highest management of the company / President Director and also having shares on the company in certain amount, then there is an opening for him/her to apply for and obtain the RI nationality/ WNI status. Yet at the time of application the applicant has already become the holder of Permanent Residence Visa / KITAP.

ALP already has the experience in handling nationality and has succeeded in helping many clients in obtaining RI nationality. ALP is also ready to guide those who are interested in obtaining RI nationality/becoming WNI and ready to guide you step by step.


Immigration Clearance Services on arrival / Escort Contact ALP

Do you feel uncomfortable at the time of entering?  Don’t worry, we provide the escort/accompaniment service at the time of arrival or departure to accelerate and smoothing the immigration document clearance in the Airport.

Clearance from no entry status by reason of having been deported Contact ALP

Are you not able for re-entry to Indonesia after having been deported ?  No need to worry, we are able to help you settling your problem and handling the clearance/ending of your no entry by the immigration authority party in Indonesia.

Certificate of Good Conduct - SKCK Contact ALP

Indonesian Police Certificates Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian (SKCK)

You may at some point in the future have a requirement for a certificate of good conduct from the Indonesian police department to establish your lack of criminal records during your stay in Indonesia.

Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian - SKCK - Police Certificate
SKCK are official documents issued by the police to applicant from the National Police's intelligence office. The Certificate carries a validity of up to six months from the date of issuance. If it has expired the certificate can be extended, if necessary.

Application Procedure
You can apply for an SKCK directly at the SKCK service counter in police stations.
Alternately, you can request the letter online by uploading the required documents and filling out the online form - https://skck.polri.go.id/. The site is entirely in Bahasa Indonesia.

Security Clearances or Background Checks
The Police Certificate only reviews any interactions / background you may have with the Indonesian police and is not a full background check.

Getting Assistance with the Application
If you aren't able to come in person to get the SKCK, or have difficulties registering online, we suggest your request the assistance of a an English-speaking formalities agent

Indonesian Legal & Corporate Services

PT Local Company Establishment Contact ALP

Complete Indonesian local incorporated company including business licences, articles of incorporation, government registrations, local licensing, tax numbers, translations.
Note that local companies require 100% Indonesian shareholding, as well as an Indonesian director and chairman.
Fee includes:

  • Company Incorporation – Preparation of Articles of Incorporation, Proof of Deposit of Capital, Deed of Establishment, Gazetting of Articles of Incorporation.
  • Operating Licenses & Other Permits – Domicile Certificate, NPWP – Tax Number/s, NIB - Company Registration, document submission and follow-up. Note: Additional fees for payment of local licences and permits may be required for areas outside of Jakarta.
  • English Translations of all important company documents provided.
  • Bank Account assistance for opening new accounts.

Terms: Payment in advance.

PMA Company Establishment Contact ALP

Complete Indonesian PMA company including all foreign investment approvals, articles of incorporation, government registrations, local licensing, tax numbers. 100% foreign-owned companies are now possible in many fields of business.
An Indonesian PMA company is any company with any percentage of foreign ownership. PMA companies are established on the basis of a defined business activity, that require approvals from the Investment Coordination Board. Fields of business activity that are open to full or partial foreign ownership change from time-to-time, however most business fields of interest to foreigners are open.
Fee includes:

  • Investment Permit – Document research, review & preparation, investment approval permit.
  • Company Incorporation – Preparation of Articles of Incorporation, Deed of Establishment.
  • Operating Licenses & Other Permits – Domicile Certificate, NPWP – Tax Number/s, NIB- Company Registration, document submission & follow-up. Note: Additional fees for payment of local licences and permits may be required for areas outside of Jakarta.
  • English Translations of all important company documents.
  • Bank Account assistance for opening new accounts.
  • Free Single Entry Business Visa Sponsorships, if required, while company establishment is in progress.

Permanent Business License (IUT) – After obtaining principal license, PMA companies are obliged to process a permanent business license (IUT). This license is required to process other specific permits, such as import permits (API-U).

Company Domicile Services: ALP provides company domicile services in Jakarta, with an address in the center of the city, starting from just Rp.2,980,000/month.

Terms: 50% advance payment, balance upon issuance of company Deed of Establishment.

Establishment of Foreign Company Representative Office (KPPA) Contact ALP

Foreign companies who wish to undertake research or marketing in Indonesia can open a representative office.
Note that Indonesian representative offices cannot conduct trading activities nor issue invoices.
Includes the following documents/services:

  • Foreign Representative Office License
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Tax Registration
  • Certificate of Business Registration
  • English Translations of relevant documents
  • Assistance with Bank Account opening

Terms: Payment in advance.

Virtual Office (Jakarta) Contact ALP

Dont have an address for your company?  ALP Consulting can provide a domicile address (Registered Company Address), which includes:

  • company domicile at well-known central street addresses
  • automated notification of events affecting your company
  • point-of-contact for official communications
  • mail collection and forwarding by email

Terms: Yearly in advance.


Legal & Documentation Services Contact ALP

ALP Consulting  can obtain a variety of Indonesian Government licenses, permits and reports that may be required by your business, including the following:

  • Permanent Business License (IUT)
  • Industrial Business Permit/IUI
  • Custom Registration Certificate (NIK)
  • Importer’s Identification Number/License (API)
  • General Importer's Identification Number/License (API-U)
  • Registered Importers /Importir Terdaftar (IT)
  • Importers manufacturers /Importir Produsen (IP)
  • Master List / Custom free facility.
  • Warehouse Registration/ Tanda Daftar Gudang (TDG)
  • Certificate of Inclusion Label In Indonesian (SKPLBI)
  • Other licenses.

Note that prices shown are dependent upon pre-requisite documentation being available in order to obtain a particular permit or document. Incomplete documentation may require payment of additional fees. Prices subject to confirmation.

Please contact to discuss requirements.

Company Domicile Service Contact ALP

Does your business need a space?  ALP can provide shared office space along with a Registered Company Address for your company, which includes:

  • company domicile at well-known central street addresses in Jakarta
  • automated notification of events affecting your company;
  • mail collection and forwarding by email

Terms: Yearly in advance.

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