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Procedures of visa application for 9 countries

Subject Countries For Calling Visa

Granting Visa for the countries of Calling Visa must go through the Forum of Meeting by Clearing House, which is held every Tuesday each week.

The Basis: The regulation of the Director General of Immigration No. IMI.1837.GR.01.06 Year 2010.

Afghanistan Liberia
Guinea Niger
Israel Nigeria
North Korea Somalia

in order to obtain the visa approval letter from the immigration in Jakarta, it takes around  2 – 4 weeks. It takes that long for this process because its visa application process must go through the following procedures:

  1. The applicant must file the visa application in the Indonesian Embassy/KBRI in his/her country or other country.
  2. If the visa application is filed in other country, then the applicant is obligated to have residence card in that country, otherwise the visa application shall be turned down.
  3. The applicant must submit the file for the visa application to the Indonesian Embassy/KBRI by furnishing it with all the requirements, including the obligation to attach invitation letter from the sponsor in Indonesia, otherwise the application will be turned down.
  4. After the file of visa application has been certified as complete and acceptable by the party of the Indonesian Embassy/KBRI then the party of the Indonesian Embassy/KBRI shall make recommendation letter addressed to the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta and shall deliver the said file of application to Jakarta in order to brought into meeting occurring every Tuesday in Jakarta.
  5. Every Tuesday the files of visa application shall be brought into meeting in the Directorate General of immigration attended by several other related institutions such as the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the State Intelligent Body/BIN, BAIS, the Attorney General, Police Department, Home Affairs Ministry etc in order to discuss whether the said visa application is worthy to obtain visa or not. In such meeting the director/underwriter of the sponsor in Indonesia shall be invited by the party of immigration to be asked around the objective and purpose of the arrival of the guest in Indonesia and the relation between the party of sponsor and visa applicant.
  6. If the application is certified as worthy to obtain the visa/the visa application is granted, then in the following day, the visa shall be issued by the immigration party in Jakarta and the telex visa shall be delivered to the Indonesian Embassy/KBRI  in the country where the visa is first filed.
  7. In 3 (three) working days after the telex of visa approval has been delivered to the Indonesian Embassy/KBRI overseas, then the applicant may come to take his/her visa by bringing along the original passport, copy of visa approval telex, 2 photos with 4cm x 6cm in size with RED color background, return ticket, and paying the official taking cost more less in the amount of USD 55 for 1 – 2 months visa or USD 110 for visa valid for 12 months, and the payment shall be done in local currency.


  • For applicants not having any sponsor in Indonesia, then we can help by providing sponsor as well as providing the Invitation letter for you.
  • The visa application must be filed to the sponsor party at least 3 (three) weeks before the date of arrival in Indonesia.

For further information and requirements, you are welcome to contact us

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