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Limited stay visa / KITAS

Limited stay Permit / KITAS is the type of staying visa for the term of 12 months and can be extended annually. The holder of visa of this type is allowed to stay in Indonesia for 12 months without having to go out/leaving Indonesia and without having to extend the visa monthly.

This type of visa can only be obtained if the applicant has a guarantor / sponsor in the form of an Institution/Company registered in Indonesia. The following are the parties that may act to become the sponsor in order to obtain KITAS:

  • The company registered in Indonesia is in the form of PT, Foreign Investment, Representative office, CV, Foundation.
  • The School/University is registered and having its running permit from the Government.
  • Foreigner with age more than 55 years older, this is only for Countries having retirement visa facility from the government of Indonesia.
  • The Husband/Wife is an Indonesian legally married with the foreigner.
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