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Indonesian Representative Office

Jakarta Representative Office Opening Package

Foreign Company Representative Office (KPPA) or Foreign Trading Company Representative Representative Office (KP3A) is the office chaired by one or more foreign national individuals or Indonesian nationals appointed by the foreign company or joint of foreign companies as their representative in Indonesia.

Indonesian Representative Office Set up for trading and service representative and Representative offices may be in the form of Selling Agent and / or Manufactures Agent and / or Buying Agent.


  • Representative Offices cannot trade or issue invoices.
  • Representative Offices is forbidden to perform trading activities and sales transactions, both from the starting level up to its settlement such as filing for tender, signing the contracts, settling claims and the like.
  • It must be located in the provincial capital city and with address in office building.

Fee includes:

  • The Basic documents are as follows :

    1. Foreign Representative Office License.
    2. Domicile Certificate from head of county & sub-district.
    3. Tax Payer Registration Number (NPWP) from tax office.
    4. Company Registration Certificate (TDP).
  • Bank Account assistance for opening new accounts
  • Reference Letter from ALP for opening new account in the Bank
  • Consultation at the time of preparation and at the time of registering process is ongoing.
  • Help of escorting when client facing problems with the immigration (other than the penalty cost that must be paid to the immigration, if any).
  • Help in the airport during the time of arrival/departure if the client should be confronted with problems with the immigration. (other than the penalty cost that must be paid to the immigration, if any).

The price has not included:

  • Sworn English Translations of relevant documents provided.
  • Company Domicile Services (Serviced & Virtual office).

Domicile Services:
Representative Offices may only be established in Jakarta.Thus domicile service are only available in our Jakarta offices.

Payment in advance. Money-back guarantee.

For further information and requirements, you are welcome to contact us

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